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Choosing A Life of Daily Dedication 


Stepping through fear and SAYING YES!

As we celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa today, I am reminded of the significance that Women’s Day of 2020 will always have for our family. We had the privilege of dedicating Bethany Christine, our firstborn, at Urban Life Church on that day. In-Person! In a building! With real people! The big day was even postponed at the last minute. Bigger than our fear of getting into 3D moments was our determination: 


“Yes, we are willing to declare publicly our commitment to raising our daughter in the ways of the Lord.”


SAYING YES to what we’ve been called for and sharing with anyone with a YouTube account!

This, the 9th of August 2020, was to be the day.


Ok, so we got what we wanted, NOW WHAT?!

Parenting was always in us, but the timing wasn’t in our control. God called us to be parents. We know that, sure. Sometimes we doubted it. Fine, we doubted more times than we’d like to admit. For us it was a 10-year journey to “achieving the parent badge”.


The road is marked with many milestones – disappointments, frustrations, prophecies, revelations, promises, prayer, encouragement. For women to incubate, bring forth life, nurture, teach and raise up and equip is in their DNA, their biological destiny. Men, we will never fully understand this. Looking back (hello hindsight my old friend) we can say each moment we went through was for a purpose. One step closer to a day pre-determined for us.


Each person, prayer, encouragement was slowly building a deeper understanding of this calling onto a solid foundation for us to stand on.


Our Contribution to Our Children, DAILY.

Our dedication to raising Bethany, and the siblings to come, may be our biggest contribution to their lives and the generations that will flow from them. What more can we do? We’ve said yes, we’ve walked the miles to get the badge, we are surviving on sub-standard sleep hours, we’ve waxed the routines, we brush teeth to the tune of Coco Melon...


We’ve completed the final level! Is it Game Over? Can we sit back? Medal ceremony! Yay!


No. We can dedicate ourselves to the calling of parenting. Daily. We can mark their paths with milestones, with promises, prophecies, encouragement, prayer. Daily. So they may look back at a path that was worth traveling. Daily. We can press into a community that can hold us accountable, encourage us, pray for us. Daily. We hold onto the many words like these by our “villagers”, spoken in the present and reminding us of who Bethany is:


This is A Mighty Woman of God indeed ️ To be dedicated on Woman’s Day 😇 May the Lord surround her with people who speak God’s Truth that will build her, inspire her and propel her into greatness in the Destiny Appointed for her by Her Father in Heaven 👩🏼🎓, empowered by the Holy Spirit 🗡💪🏾 and grounded in the Grace of Her Lord Jesus Christ 



Moms & Wives – I SEE YOU! 

In the daily “wash-rinse-repeat-cycle” of what seems to be a never-ending domestic whirlpool the women in our lives may feel a bit undone and under-appreciated.


Men, allow me to challenge you. Speak life-giving words over your woman. Daily.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”


There are many practical ways to Value, Affirm and Treasure a woman. Do you know her Love Language? Have you even asked her?

Free Tip: She knows the answer!  


She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

Are we listening, men? 


To my women, I see you, daily. I am because of you, daily. You are more than enough, daily.


Happy Women’s Day.